My Holy Week and Easter

Image He Is Risen! 

This Holy Week and Easter has meant more to me than any holiday I have ever celebrated. With excitment and enticipation I looked forward to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday!
With energy I scrubbed my house in preperation for Maundy Thursday, went to the “Walk Of The Cross” on Good Friday, following the cross around to all the different churches and reading through the Stations of the Cross. 
I also for the first time watched “The Passion Of The Christ” on Good Friday. I had been purposefully avoiding it because I knew it would just completely break my heart, but I wanted to make this holiday more real for me, and I knew while this would be difficult to watch, that didn’t mean I shouldn’t. 

After the baby had gone to bed and Hubby was out, I watched the movie solo, with a box of tissues. 
It was amazing. For the first time I feel like I actually mourned the death of Christ; I also saw it for the first time through the eyes of Mary and was touched by her strength and depth of her sorrow; and that despite it being the Son of God being hung on the Cross, it was also her child. 
I think this will be a tradition I will hold to every Good Friday. 


The Walk Of the Cross 

Holy Saturday was celebrated at my families Sugar Shack where we make Maple Syrup all early Spring. We tap about 700 Sugar Maple Tress and boil all the sap down in our wood-burning evaporator until we get the delicious syrup! 
I also went to the Easter Vigil and loved the Candle-light service. 





I spent some time this year also making some Easter Gifts for the people I loved. I was so full of joy over the Resurrection that I wanted to share that joy!





I made those prayer boxes, (wood-burned, then dyed with food colouring) and gave those to the women in my family. In them was a Rosary, Medallion or Prayer Card depending on who the recipient was. 
I also made from felt a little Mother Teresa and St. Paul toy. My little niece, who is only 4 months older than my daughter received the Mother Teresa doll, while my little one received St. Paul.



I also made these little “stain glass” crosses with my Nephews who I had the pleasure of babysitting the week before Holy Week. It was really fun and extremely easy. I think the boys (5 & 3) both had a good time making their crosses and dying eggs with their Auntie. 

Easter Sunday I went to Mass solo as Hubby was sick. Thankfully I found out that the local parish has a wonderful quiet room – one wall is all windows that show directly into the Sanctuary and it has a PA system so I didn’t miss a thing! 
My little one was happy to sit on my lap for the first 20 minutes, but at 1.5 years old, staying in one spot for longer than that is practically impossible. 
So into the quiet room we went where we enjoyed a wonderful rest of the service. 

All in all, it was a lovely Holy Week and Easter. 


~ PetiteFoi


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