Book List

A list of books I have read, want to read or in the midst of reading:

“The Original Mother’s Manual” ~ A. Francis Coom, S.J.

“Handbook for Today’s Catholic” ~ Liguori Publishing

“The Imitation Of Christ” ~ Thomas a Kempis

“The Catholic Home: Celebrations and Traditions for Holidays, Feast Days and Every Day” ~ Meredith Gould

“2013 Magnificat Lenten Companion” ~ Magnificat

“A Peep Behind The Scenes” ~ Mrs. O.F. Walton


One response to “Book List

  1. Lee

    I wish you luck on your journey…and pray you decide to make the Catholic Church, the one true Church founded by Jesus, your permanent home. I have a similar story, although my journey kind of started where you are now…..I started my walk as a Baptist, then moved here and there swearing up and down I would never be Catholic (even though that is the faith of my family…I was just not raised with any faith). Eventually God led me to EWTN and a show with Fr. Groeschel was on that touched upon an issue that I was having with fundamentalism….an issue that made sense acording to Catholic theology. So I went to a mass, then another, next thing I know, it’s been 7 years since I entered the one true fold. Now I have fallen a few times for various reasons and spent some time away searching for the “Truth”…I actually spent some time as a Reformed Presbyterian, as their academic approach was appealing. But something kept drawing me back to the CC…..probably the same thing drawing you back…….and I know what it is……JESUS!! The Eucharist…which is JESUS! He wants you back where you belong…..he called me back and I eventually listened. He wants you back too. The CC is the only church that can claim to have the fullness of the faith. Now I have done a lot of reading and studying…there are so many books…..but I suggest you read a book titled The Faith of Our Fathers…you can get it on amazon. I also suggest Jimmy Akin’s books The Fathers Know Best and The Salvation Controversy, as well as the catechism which is a fantastic resource that is often overlooked. And of course keep browsing catholic answers! God Bless!

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