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Lent is where my journey started.

Everything I’ve learned so far has been because I’ve felt the call to meditate on Christ’s sacrifice and feel the sorrow for our Saviour.
This is the first year I’ve ever kept a Lenten journal or read any of the Magnificat‘s publications – but I have already learned so much.
I meditated on the sorrowful mysteries, my heart aching as I watched Christ get closer to being hung on the cross.

Lent is so original unto itself. It’s not a celebration in the sense that we are happy or feasting It is a remembrance, a memorial to Christ’s sacrifice.
It’s the delicate line between joy and sorrow; it is the bittersweet season of the liturgical calender.
The “alleluia” is hidden, tucked away until we can once again rejoice Christ’s return to us.

This is the first time I’ve ever really experienced Lent to its fullest; and I regret the past years where I let it slip by unnoticed.
I’ve yet to miss a Christmas or Easter, so how did one of the most amazing, spirit-filled holidays never really register?

I made a centerpiece this year:
– A crown of thorns; to represent Christ’s suffering
– Stones to represent the Church
– A candle to represent Christ’s light to the world
– Sand to represent that from dust we came, and to dust we’ll return
– A purple candle to represent the mourning of Christ’s death and sovereignty.

 It’s small, and simple. But more thought was put into this tiny centerpiece than any Christmas tree, or Easter egg.

Yes, this is a season of mourning, reflection and meditation; but even during this time we are filled with the awe-inspiring love and mercy that God showed us; and in that we can greatly rejoice.


~ PetiteFoi



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